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Referral Offer

Make Extra Money to Fulfill Your Dreams Refer for STP ETP WTP

About Making Extra Money by Referring

Now stand a chance to make money upto INR 1,30,000 /- when you refer your known Industries  to buy from Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd, refer more, get more.

Why You Need It

Life is very expensive and making money has shrunk into cost cuttings from here and there, which affects all aspects of life.

To make life easy and colorful again

Richa Environmental understand all the harsh realities  of life and that is why We have brought new referral offer for you!

How it Works 
  • You refer Richa Environmental for STP, ETP or any other products to your know industry.

  • Fill in the contact form at contact link mentioning to who have you referred along with your details or contact directly

  • We will take care of rest once your referred Industry makes some transaction with Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd.

How Much Money Do You Earn

Upto INR 1,30,000/- 

How Much you will make

Our quest for associating with Industries who are not willing to compromise with quality products when it comes for Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants is unending.


At Richa Environmental, we cater most diverse industries, ranging from Textile, Chemicals, Food, Electronics, Electroplating, Juices 

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