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We design and manufacture Lamella Clarifier which is widely used for secondary treatment in Sewage Treatment Plants STP Effluent Treatment Plants for removing TSS ( Total Suspended Solids )


  • Lamella Clarifier

    We offer lamella clarifier to achieve solid-liquid separation by directing the liquid between a series of inclined plates called lamella. The settling surface of each plate is equivalent to its horizontal projection. Lamellae are normally spaced approx. 50 mm apart, with the result that large settling surfaces are concentrated within a relatively small floor area. Stacking the inclined plates results in the separator having up to ten times the clarification area of a conventional circular settling tank occupying the same floor space. In other words, for the same liquid flow, the lamella clarifier would occupy 1/10th the floor area of a conventional clarifier.


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    Lamella Clarifier Tube settler

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