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Used to remove oil and grease from water and wastewater treatment plants , by the technique of solid liquid separation. DAF Manufacturer 


  • DAF Dissolved Air floatation

    We are the leading manufacturer of Dissolved Air Flotation Systems commonly known as DAF systems. Applications of DAF system includes : Sewage Treatment Plant effluent treatment plant waste water treatment plants.

    Daf is used for removing suspended matter that does not float or sink in water and waste water. Separation of suspended solids is done by fine gas bubbles which become attached to particulate matter, and float them to the surface where it is removed by skimming. Gas bubbles are introduced by reducing the pressure of the wastewater causing dissolved gases to be released. Commonly used to separate grease , oil and fat matters from industrial wastes.

    Designs include Rectangular , circular , cross flow and inclined parallel plate systems

    Dissolved Air Flotation


    We offer high quality DAF systems. Dissolved air flotation is a separation process to remove solids from liquids. Applications: oil refineries - petrochemical and chemical plants -natural gas processing plants - paper mills - and for recovering the fibers


    What is Dissolved Air Flotation

    Uses of DAF

    DAF - Air floatation systems for separating oil and solids from waste water include Dissolved Air Flotation Dispersed Air flotation Induced Air Flotation Diffused Air flotation


    Designs include Rectangular , circular , cross flow and inclined parallel plate systems


    Air flotation is one of the oldest methods for the removal of solids, oil & grease and fibrous materials from wastewater. Suspended solids and oil & grease removals as high as 99% + can be attained with these processes. Air flotation is simply the production of microscopic air bubbles, which enhance the natural tendency of some materials to float by carrying wastewater contaminants to the surface of the tank for removal by mechanical skimming.


    Complete system include chemical treatment processes. A dissolved air flotation (DAF) system can produce clean water in wash operations where reduction of oil and grease down to 2 mg/l is achievable in certain applications. In addition to municipal and heavy industry application


    commercial vehicle washing, industrial laundries, food processing. Vehicle wash applications need not be confined to automobiles and trucks, but can extend to buses, tank cars and many other types of vehicles. There is a broad and varied market for DAF. Excessive oil and grease (especially emulsified oils), plus high levels of suspended solids and metals are good candidates for our DAF systems. Another example is an industrial laundry, where there is the need for good waste treatment systems. A DAF system can be used in a variety of food processing applications, including Vegetable Oils, Animal and Seafood Fats, Red Meat Butchering, Poultry processing, and Kitchen and Equipment Washing. Oil Drilling on and offshore is under pressure from the USEPA. The removal of the oils from the dirty water which surfaces when drilling wells cannot be dumped. DAF technology has proven very effective in this industry. Some waste stream problems found in shipyards and aboard ships are oily bilge water and solids containing copper and other heavy metals used in marine paints. DAF is a proven method in these applications as well. In metal finishing operations DAF will remove cadmium, chromium, lead, zinc and other toxic heavy metals from a waste stream. Finally, when combined with other treatment processes DAF can be applied upstream of large water treatment systems to handle contaminated water before it mingles with the rest of the waste stream.


    DAF is the process of removing suspended solids, oils and other contaminants via the use of bubble flotation. Air is dissolved into the water, then mixed with the waste stream and released from solution while in intimate contact with the contaminants. Air bubbles form, saturated with air, mix with the wastewater influent and are injected into the DAF separation chamber. The dissolved air then comes out of solution, producing literally millions of microscopic bubbles. These bubbles attach themselves to the particulate matter and float then to the surface where they are mechanically skimmed and removed from the tank. Most systems are versatile enough to remove not only finely divided suspended solids, but fats, oils and grease (FOG). Typical wastes handled include various suspended solids, food/animal production processing wastes, industrial wastes, hydrocarbon oils/emulsions, and many others. Clarification rates as high as 97 % or more are achievable.

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