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  • RO system Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis Plant

    We offer high quality Reverse Osmosis Plant. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a method of purifying water for industrial processes and human consumption. RO can remove mineral salts and contaminants such as bacteria and pesticides. Advances in water treatment technologies have enhanced and complemented the conventional RO process, reducing energy and water consumption, lowering capital and operating costs, and producing purer water.

    Sizes Available up to 50000 Liters Per Hour

    Our Reverse Osmosis System Removes:

    • Lead from the raw water

    • Bacteria

    • Cysts and Organic Chemicals

    • Dissolved Solids

    • Suspended Solids Down to five microns in size


    Reverse Osmosis System Includes

    Filter Feed Pump

    Multimedia Filter

    Pressure Gauges.

    Chemicals Dosing Systems

    Product and Reject Flow Indicators

    Pressure Switches

    High Pressure Pump

    Reject Control Valves

    Micron Cartridge Filters

    Membrane Module

    TDS Meter

    Applications of RO Systems

    Schools and Colleges

    Food & Beverages

    House and Residential Complexes

    Process Application

    Hospitals: Produce High purity water use in dialysis units

    Corporate and Multi storey Buildings


    Low Pressure Boiler Feed

    Cooling Tower Make-up


    Drinking Water

    Green Houses

    Industrial Utilities


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