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STP Manufacturer Delhi NCR 

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer India New Delhi NCR from New Delhi We supply to whole India.

Our STP design and ETP design are combination of vast experience, engineering strategy formulation, and implementation help companies treat their wastewater within limited space. Hence Our designs save space from STP and ETP.

With low operational cost  in India. Richa Environmental Services Pvt Limited help in identifying pollutants and proper treatment for the same.


What do We do?

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Design ( STP Design )

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer ( STP Manufacturer )

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Consultancy  ( STP consultancy )

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Installation ( STP installation )

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance  ( operation and maintenance of STP )

It's great to see here and exploring Richa Environmental Services Pvt Limited's Sewage Treatment Plants.

To begin with introduction of our Industry, We Richa Environmental Services Private Limited represent an engineering based company actively involved in manufacturing of Sewage Treatment Plants & Effluent Treatment Plants apart from manufacturing ( manufacturer)  We do provide Design of STP ETP, Consultancy, installation, Operation and maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants.

The fact is 4.5 Billion people  around the world lack access to safely managed sanitation and 3% Increase in access to safely managed sanitation over last 5 years.


COUNTRIES INCLUDING INDIA WILL CONTINUE TO LACK ACCESS TO SEWERS IN future and Treatment of Wastewater is must. Water borne diseases in India are a major cause of infant and child mortality. Untreated waste is one of the main reasons for this. 

 Feel Free to contact us experienced engineer will guide you.

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