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IoT Gateway & Data Loggers

Proud exporter, supplier & Manufacturer in India.

IoT Gateway and Data Loggers for your Industrial Remote Monitoring supplier, exporter & Manufacturer.


RS-485 MODBUS and 4 - 20mA Analog


Temperature, Humidity and Co2 Levels


Water Level, Pressure, Temperature, Energy


Technical Specifications

Connectivity: 4G-LTE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi(opt), BLE(opt)

Data Logging: Min 1 min, Max: Custom

Interface(s): 1 x RS485(2-wire), 1 x RS232(opt), 4/8 ch x 4-20mA (±1% FS)

Voltage: 12-24V DC or 220-230V AC (opt)

Protection: O/P: Surge protection, I/P: Over Voltage and Reverse Polarity Protection

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C

Isolation: Modbus Up to 3KV | Ethernet Up to 2KV

LED Indicators: 1x Power, 1x Modbus , 1x Network, 1x Cloud

Enclosure: DIN Rail, Wall/Table Top (opt)

Certifications Compliance: Meet CE, FCC, RoHS standards

Dimensions: 105 x 90 x 66 mm


  • Tailor-made cloud platform for optimal service and applicable data insights.

  • Suitable for Air-Water (Emission), Solar, Gas, Power and Energy sectors and also for universal pressure, temperature, humidity requirements.

  • Support custom requirements as per industry use cases

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