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Flue Gas Analyzer

Exporter supplier & Manufacturer in India microprocessor-controlled flue
gas analyzer.


CO2: 0-5000ppm

O2: 0-25%

SO2: 0-20ppm

NO2: 0-20ppm

CO: 0-1000ppm

Temperature: -20 to 180 degree Celcius

General Specifications

•IP67 box. •Handy and portable. •Probe for temperature and air suction. •2.5 LPM high quality pump. •Monochrome display 20x4 character. •Keypad for operating menu. •CO2 calibration. •User friendly ports •Rota meter for flow regulation. •Battery operated. •Data backup up to 8 GB •Recalibrated Sensors.

Monochrome Display for proper data visualization.

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