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Low Cost STP ETP manufacturer 

Low Cost Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer India New Delhi NCR

Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd stands for quality and designing best equipment for STP, ETP. To serve water, wastewater, and reuse utilities of the Industrial, Commercial sector.

We provide supply and manufacture low cost and cheap STP ETP to  the water sector—and their customers, owners, service providers, and government regulators.


The standards developed under low cost and cheap Sewage Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant intended to improve a plant’s overall operations and service with minimum capital costs.


Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd  identify appropriate practices, procedures, and behaviors

whose implementation will promote effective and efficient STP ETP plant operations and

contribute to protection of public health, public safety, and the environment and achieving low cost of STP and ETP.


Richa Environmental Services Pvt Limited is following this standard process for more than 10 years to produce Effluent Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant which uses less cost and becomes cheap for the Industries.


Richa Environmental is a worldwide recognized company Situated in New Delhi NCR India, and have adopted international standards for design , manufacturing, and installation of ETP STP plants.


By using our international standards and efficient team We are manufacturing low cost STP and ETP for saving delivering 100% BOD and COD reduction.



  • Stp vendors in bangalore from Delhi NCR we provide STP ETP to any state

  • Etp manufacturers in Bangalore - industries situated in Bangalore can contact us for supply in Bangalore - We will do the installation

  • Cost of 100 kld stp, 50 kld stp cost depends on the type of system required compact or RCC or conventional STP ETP

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  • etp manufacturers in bangalore, etp plant operation

  • etp full form is Effluent Treatment Plant, etp plant layout depends on the nature of the process, sewage treatment plant cost in india is totally dependent on the capacity for example cost for 50 KLD is 14.5 lakh cost for 100 KLD STP is 23 lakh

  • cost of 100 kld stp INR 23 lakh, wastewater treatment plant cost estimate india depends on what kind of system you want to install ie ETP or STP, wastewater treatment at home india for home you can manage wastewater and stop wastage 

  • eco stp design is economical STP design contact us for the same, compact stp india major plants of Richa Environmental are compact and portable stp ETP, how to calculate sewage treatment plant size

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