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ETP for Bakery Industry Manufacturer 

Food Industry Effluent Treatment Plant for Bakery and Cake Manufacturer

Effluent Treatment Plant for Cake and Bakery products, by Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd.

Richa Environmental Situated in New Delhi NCR, manufacture ETP STP and supply anywhere in India with in time installation.

Get ahead from your competitors with our smart ETP with effective bakery waste utilization and treatment. Bakery Wastewater is loaded with fluctuating flow, high oil and grease, flour Sugar, Yeast.

Very high COD and BOD, Reducing bakery waste by Effluent Treatment Plant is the smart way.


ETP keeps getting better with time fitted with intelligent control Panel.

Bakery waste ETP comes with a smart control panel, ensuring  bakery wastewater gets treated effectively by Effluent Treatment Plant manufactured by Richa Environmental.

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