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50 KLD STP and 100 KLD STP

Cost of 50 KLD STP and Cost of 100 KLD STP

Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd take immense pleasure to share our 50 KLD STP's Cost 

Cost of 50 KLD STP compact is only 14.5 lakh

50 KLD means

50 KLD stands for 50000 Liters per day or 50 Kilo Liters per day


Cost of sewage treatment plant for apartments / residential sewage treatment plant cost

Sewage Treatment Plants for apartments depends on the occupancy, total buildup area, number of flats in the apartment, Typical cost range is between 14 lakh to 80 lakh for sewage generation between 50000 liters to 1000000 liters per day or 50 KLD to 1 MLD


Cost of 100 kld STP

Cost of 100 KLD STP compact system is only INR 21 lakh.


wastewater treatment plant cost estimate india


how to calculate sewage treatment plant size

Sewage Treatment Plant size is calculated based on the occupancy and the activity of the members.

If it is commercial building than STP plant's size is calculated as 80 to 120  liters per person per day


eco-friendly eco sewage treatment plant

Eco is Economical Sewage Treatment Plant  

eco-friendly eco stp design

Economical STP Design


Sometimes layman may use Eco for eco-friendly

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