Cost of Compact Effluent treatment plant compact ETP 20 KLD to 30 KLD ETP for pharmaceuticals, Generic bulk drugs manufacturing API active Pharmaceutical ingredients ?

Sturdy Design SS pumps low power consumption compact ETP in just INR 14.5 lakh (starting price ) for 20 KLD to 30 KLD


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  • Cost of 20 KLD to 30 KLD ETP Effluent Treatment Plant for pharmaceuticals, Generic bulk drugs manufacturing, API active pharmaceutical ingredients - INR 14.5 lakh only

    We Richa Environmental Services Pvt Ltd offer compact ETP in just INR 14.5 lakh. 20 KLD Capacity to 30 KLD ETP Compact Effluent Treatment Plant - 20 KLD 25 KLD 30 KLD cost is same

    • Compact packaged ETP

    • Stainless Steel Pumps 

    • occupies less space 

    • can be installed anywhere

    • Contact Richa Environmental Services Private Limited for more info

    • Power consumption 5 hp 3.75 kwh

    • Less Space requirement 

    • Best in class ETP at low cost prices

    • We do not use cheap motor pumps in our sysem

    • We offer low cost ETP with best quality 

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Inlet Parameters Considered for this 30 KLD 25 KLD 20 KLD Effluent Treatment Plant

These inlet Parameters for bulk drugs manufacturing unit are from lab test reports of our past projects. If you effluent has different inlet parameters do send the details. We will design Effluent Treatment Plant as per your given inlet lab test reports.

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