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Applications of ultra filtration in Effluent Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants

Ultrafiltration UF applications in ETP STP WTP

Richa Environmental Services Private Limited is the leading manufacturer of Ultrafiltration Systems in India Our UF systems are highly efficient Based on Engineering Design

Ultrafiltration Technology Removes

1. Suspended Solids

2. Bacteria

3. Viruses

Ultrafiltration Systems do not remove

1.  Dissolved Solids ie TDS

2. Monovalent ions

3. Multivalent ions

Membrane material of Ultrafiltration system is non polar in nature and UF systems are pressure driven process used for removing dispersed materials , suspended solids , large molecular weight materials , emulsified oils , metal hydroxides

UF technology is widely used in the following areas

1.  Fruit juice industry

2. Electrocoat Paint industry

3. Milk and whey separation

4. portable water

5. Pharmaceutical industry

6. Textile industry

7. Alcohol industry

Everything about Ultrafiltration Systems 

Parameters On Which Ultrafiltration System Works  

Flow Rate

Average Recovery Range is 93 %

Production Rate cubic meter per day

Backwash duration 60 seconds

Number of backwash per hour 2 Flux is given by volume cubic meter / Surface area unit is LMH


Membrane Material is PVDF

Membrane Area is 55 meter square per cubic meter

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